International Place at Tysons

Rezoning Approved

On July 25, 2017, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to approve to rezone International Place at Tysons from C-8 to the PTC Zoning District. The property is located within a half a mile from the Tysons Corner Metro and Greensboro Metro Stations. The mixed use development will contain between 60,000 and 129,000 square feet of commercial uses including retail, restaurant and service establishments, 250 to 385 residential units, two rooftop courtyards, and above and below ground parking. The property also proposes Zach Garrett Drive per the Tysons Grid of Streets Map with a public park bordered by Route 7, Boone Boulevard and the proposed Zach Garrett Drive.

Walter L. Phillips, Inc. served as the civil engineer on the project and worked diligently with the developer, design team and County to make this project successful.

International Place Tysons

Daniel Leber

WLP Welcomes Another

Daniel Leber

Getting to know WLP’s newest Hokie…

What is your favorite current TV show and favorite show of all time (if you have one)?

Currently, my favorite TV show is Shameless.

Where did you grow up, and is there anywhere you’d want to move to?

I grew up in Fairfax County. One day I want to move closer to the Appalachian Mountains.

What is your favorite food/restaurant – District Taco or Taco Bamba?/strong>

Taco Bamba (Interviewer’s note: The correct choice.)

Accotink Creek TMDLs

Notice to Property Owners in the Accotink Creek Watershed

Owners of property located in the Accotink Watershed contemplating development should monitor the development of potential stormwater regulations that may make construction projects more challenging and expensive.

This watershed extends from the Town of Vienna southward to Fort Belvoir and Route 1 (see attached map). Please contact us if you are unclear as to whether your property is located in this watershed.

The Accotink stream has been experiencing water quality problems due primarily to stream erosion and the use of deicing salts. For quite a few years now the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has been working towards instituting measures to improve the water quality. Another milestone in the process is nearing completion with the DEQ commencing a public comment period for two draft TMDLs (total maximum daily loads) that will establish the goals for the regulations that will be necessary to improve the stream. A public hearing where the DEQ will make a presentation and answer questions on the draft TMDLs will be held 6:30 to 8:30 on June 28 at the Kings Park Library in Fairfax (see attached hearing flyer).

The draft TMDLs can be found by clicking this link.

A previous draft TMDL proposed reducing the volume of stormwater runoff received by the stream by nearly 50%. Even with extremely stringent new stormwater regulations this goal was deemed infeasible and was overruled in a lawsuit initiated by Fairfax County and VDOT.

The current draft TMDLs propose phased implementation based on implementing the most effective measures first. Upon approval of the TMDLs, the jurisdictions will be required to develop and obtain DEQ and EPA approval of the detailed implementation plans to accomplish the goals. Walter Phillips will closely follow the development of these implementation plans which will result in the specific stormwater regulations that will determine the impact on construction and land development. While it is not known what, if any, impact the potential stormwater regulations will have on development or their effective dates, property owners may want to consider commencing the plan preparation and approval process for any projects they are contemplating in order to try avoid more stringent regulations. We welcome any questions you may have on these stormwater matters.


Springfield Toyota

The completed project, visible from I-95, has achieved LEED Gold status, exceeding well beyond the project’s proffered environmental commitments. The owner is pleased with obtaining this notable certification. WLP assisted with the site related LEED points which included stormwater quantity control, water efficiency, alternative transportation (public transportation, bicycle facilities, parking facilities), and maximize open space.

LEED is an acronym meaning Leadership in energy and environmental design.

Floris Conservatory of Fine Arts

Rezoning and Special Exception Approval

Floris Conservatory of Fine Arts

On June 12, 2017, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the rezoning and special exception application for the The Floris Conservatory of Fine Arts. The proposed fine arts academy is approximately 48,000 square feet, and shows retaining the existing historic homes on the property to be used for residential, school, administrative or commercial purposes related to the school. The property has greater than 55% open space and is showing significant tree preservation as well as additional landscaping.

Hunter Mill’s Supervisor, Catherine Hudgins stated at the Board hearing that, it’s an amazing opportunity to see the very modern use mixed with the historic use.

Walter L. Philips, Inc. served as the civil engineer on the project and is now working towards moving forward with submission of the site plan.

Summer 2017 Interns

The Young and the Eager

WLP is proud to host these curious minds for various portions of the summer.

Summer 2017 WLP Interns
(L-R) Lindsey Stegenga, Phil Marsengill, Brian Stuchel, Scott Rucks

Lindsey joins us from George Mason High School as a part of a senior externship program. She will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall for Civil Engineering. Phil and Brian are both on the Civil Engineering path at George Mason University, and NC State, respectively, and are testing the waters of land development. Scott is studying Finance at Clemson, and has joined us for the summer to see if civil engineering and land development in general might be of interest before finalizing his path in school. We’re excited to have their young minds, eager to learn and being our extra helping hands (and I do mean that for more than just paper filing!).

Maury Milian

Welcome Maury Milian!

Maury MilianMaury Milian joined our survey department in May.

Getting to know Maury:

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Haven’t found the right spot yet.

How many siblings do you have and who’s your favorite??

2-brothers and two sisters now. My favorite by FORCE is DIANA. (Editor’s note: Diana is Maury’s sister-in-law and also works at WLP!)

What is your favorite food and/or restaurant that you could eat almost every day?

Favorite food is a good Philly Cheesesteak.

St. James Plaza Phase 1

Construction Progress

Phase 1 of AHC’s St James Multifamily development off Fillmore Avenue is underway! Construction of the first phase of development includes the construction of a 93 unit multifamily affordable housing development. A ground breaking ceremony was held in the fall with newly elected City of Alexandria Mayor, Allison Silberberg. Construction is slated for completion prior to the end of 2018.
Watch the Progress
About AHC
Groundbreaking Ceremony

Old Town Alexandria Townhomes


The redevelopment of 511 Oronoco Street in Old Town Alexandria delivers! Y-12 Investments, LLC is currently in the process of selling the remaining 2 of the 7 luxurious new townhomes off Oronoco Street which marks the first phase of development of the Alexandria’s old Health and Administration Building on North St. Asaph Street. Delivery of the second phase of construction and 9 additional Townhomes constructed within the old Health Department building is slated for Spring of 2017.

See more information here.

The Ridge at Wolf Trap

Under Construction

Evergreene Homes is about to start construction of four new single family homes located in the Vienna area of Fairfax County near Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. Walter L. Phillips, Inc. assisted Evergreene Homes with obtaining the site related permits necessary for construction of this new by-right subdivision by preparing subdivision construction plans, subdivision plats, and bonded lot grading plans per Fairfax County’s ordinances and regulations.
Check out the availability and house floor plans